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Cyprus Villa Deals 2016 – Child Friendly Villa Discounts


Cyprus Villa Deals 2016

40% off Cyprus villas – exclusive to you, your family and friends

Its often a lovely 25 degrees C in Cyprus at the beginning of November and the great news is we’ve convinced the owners of some of our favourite villas to drop their prices for the rest of 2016.

As a friend of V4K you get first pick of the best weeks holiday before anyone else.

You can get up to 40% discount on any holiday taken this year for these villas. The flights look like a bargain too.


40% holiday villa discounts


Villa Mary

40% off (£597 /week)

4 bedrooms very modern villa in Protaras which has an amazing roof terrace and just a stroll to Fig Tree Bay.


lydia villa

Villa Lydia

40% off (£537 /week)
3 bedrooms, a couple of minutes walk to the safe sandy beach and town. Fabulous gazebo for lazy afternoons.


Villa Sophia

40% off (£537 /week)
3 bedrooms and plenty of space around the kids around the pool while you relax under the gazebo. 2 minutes walk to beach.

30% holiday villa discounts


Villa Eva

30% off (£451 /week)
3 bedrooms in Protaras and a short walk to Fig Tree Bay. Lovely large garden to soak up the sun.


Villa Emma

30% off (£696 /week)
4 bedrooms very modern villa in Protaras which has an amazing roof terrace and just a stroll to Fig Tree Bay.


Villa Maria

30% off (£556 /week)
3 bedrooms beautifully decorated with wrap around garden and just a melon field between you and the sea!

Other holiday villa discounts

villa anastastia


25% off (£596 /week)
3 bedrooms and loads of room around the pool for the kids to run wild. Less than 5 minutes walk to the beach.

villa flora

Villa Flora

15% off (£463 /week)
2 bedrooms, a few minutes walk from Fireman’s bay. Recently refurbished and just £463 a week in November!

Autumn sunshine – 25 degrees Celsius in November!

Make a dash to Cyprus with the kids for a last bit of sunshine before winter sets in!

Best Pool Toys For Kids

 Best Pool Toys For Kids
Whether you are on family holiday, or just enjoying some time at the local pool, having a few pool toys for your kids can make all the difference. Here are some of our favourites.

Best Pool Toys For Infants & Toddlers

Our babies LOVED this thing. They potter around the pool feeling very grown up and independent and, while I wouldn’t take my eyes off them for one second, they seem very secure. Get one if you have a baby and want to get them used to pool time.

Splash-n-Catch Fishing Net

Pre the diving phase this is a great toy to build a bit of confidence and co-ordination. Obviously you’ll be required to help (a lot!) but they will be very happy playing.

Kids Dive Rings 

We never hit a pool without these seals now our oldest two can swim and dive. They compete wildly and spend hours entertaining themselves. Peace for parents = big win.

Swimways Toypedo Bandits

These are similar to above but whiz through the water and entertain the parents too.

SwimWays SubSkate Underwater Aquatic Skateboard

Getting fancy now but my nephews are mad for these. Also if you have a water proof camera or a camera bag you can take some really fun pictures under the water.

What Are Your Favourite Pool Games & Toys?

When we travel to the villas in Cyprus we spend a lot of time at the pool so we are always looking for new games and toys . Let us have your suggestions. We know you’ll say you just can’t beat an inflatable whale/giraffe/shark/turtle! :)

Worried about pools and little kids? A few thoughts…

Villa4kids SS in pool

Summer is approaching, and hopefully you are preparing to go on a family holiday.

Our top priority at villas4kids is to make sure that your family (especially children) are safe during your stay.

On top of the precautions we already take in our villas we wanted to give you some of our tips to keep your children safe around water.

1. Family Swimming Lessons

Kids who love swimming, love to do it with their parents. We have always loved water babies  to get them started really young.

2. Baby and toddler safety courses

If you are worried then sign up for a first aid course. Chris did one and has changed a number of things since (including how he cuts up bananas for babies to reduce the rick of choking).


Choose either a place with a fence around the pool or part of the garden sealed off from the pool so you can have the kids outside. Also before you book make sure the patio doors to the pool area can only be unlocked by an adult. You do still need to keep an eye on them if you have a good set of climbers in your midst as there is always a risk they move a chair to the fence.

4. Remove Toys From Pool

This is a big one. All of ours like to try and fish out floating toys and its a huge risk for a fall – or jump – in when it is not swimming time. Don’t ever let them do this. After a swim we scoop up all the toys that might blow into the pool or could be tempting to throw in and stow them away until the next swim.

 5. Always Be Watching

Never leave children, however good they are at swimming to play around water without supervision and make sure they know not to go near the pool without permission. Also, make sure someone will be supervising if your child is with a friend. Be especially careful when lots of people are around – e.g. a poolside BBQ – as everyone half watching can mean no one is watching carefully.

6. Don’t Let Them Dive Head First

Pool are often much shallower than kids expect.

7. Swim Where They Have Lifeguards

This isn’t always an option, but many beaches have trained lifeguards which can give you extra security.

Helping your family to have a safe family holiday is our top priority.
So when you are browsing through the villas in Italy and Cyrpus check for the feature you want to ensure the best holiday for your family.

Top 9 things for families to do in Cyprus with kids

things to do in cyprus with kids

You’ve been enjoying the beach and your Cyprus villa but you are looking for something else to do with the family.

Here is a list of our favourite family friendly places to visit in Cyprus with our kids.

If you have tips or suggestions please let us know in the comments.

Ayia Napa ‘Water World’ Waterpark.

Look…. It’s expensive and you are not supposed to take in your own food and drink. It’s plastic. It’s crowded in high summer. It’s tacky. And yet… yes… it’s absolutely brilliant.
Hours of fun for kids and adults: totally brilliant slides. There are height restrictions on the best rides so you won’t get value for money from really little ones, who may find it frustrating to miss out, although there are pools and games for them too. We reckon it’s about ideal for those aged ten and up. Also look out for discounts offered on their website and also around town, like outside McDonald’s in Protaras or Paralimni.

For more information, give them a call on 00 357 23 724 444.

Anastasia Water Park

In Pernera, this is ideal for younger kids. Currently 15 Euros for adults and 7.50 for kids. You need to be 125 cm to go on the bigger rides but the small play park is ideal for toddlers. Get there early enough to bag a good sunbed.



In Paralimni, it would be better if they could resist playing high volume children’s music but useful if you want a break from the sun. It is both indoor and outdoor and there is also bowling and a café on the side. For the indoor soft play kids must wear socks. If you forget you can buy them there cheaply – 1 Euro a pair last time we went. Checkout their website at play4all .

Magic Dancing Waters

From May to October in Penera every night at 9pm there is a water-fountain/light and music show – more details on their website Think Cypriot take on the fountains at the Belagio in Vegas, others have suggested a scene from the film Madagascar may be closer…

The Sea Caves in Cape Greko National Park

The Sea Caves in Cape Greko National Park - Cyprus

A must see the caves are beautiful and definitely worth a visit, especially at sunset when the light is amazing. The local army lads throw themselves off the cliff into the water. There isn’t an official path down to the water but we’ve had guests from seven to 70 do the scramble. The water in the bay is crystal clear and often glass-like so perfect for snorkelling or just looking at from the cliff top.

The Rock Bridge Cape Greko National Park

rock bridge Cape Greko National Park- Cyprus

No, you’re not allowed to stand on the sea bridge. My dad claims not to be able to read and since he was there they have added more barriers perhaps for his benefit.


The best Roman site in the South, it looks out from the hilltop position over the sea. The site is dominated by the spectacular amphitheatre and has extensive remains, mostly Roman including the famous gladiator mosaic. Afterwards you can go down the stony beach and have a drink in the friendly café. The visit Cyprus website has a lot more information.

Famagusta and Northern/Turkish Cyprus

Although many hire car companies suggest you don’t make the trip, lots of people do it without any problems. We love it up there and it makes a fascinating day out.

Your own insurance on either a private car or rented car is not valid in the north. The Turkish insurance is only third party and problems can ensue if you have an accident. The best advice we’ve been given on this subject is ‘don’t hit anything’… Mmmm If you’d prefer not to drive, ask about the Red Bus tour.


Famagusta  - Cyprus

The walled city of Famagusta (which the Turks call Gazimagusa) is lovely to stroll through and a complete contrast to the south. Start at the Sea Gate which is worth climbing for the views of the ships in the port. Stop at the bottom of the steps to get your picture take on the giant stone lion.
Then try a Turkish coffee and pastry or ice cream at Petek confectioner (the lemon ice cream is amazing as is the baklava); the upstairs has a stunning veranda to watch the world go by. Downstairs kids will be transfixed by terrapins in a pool and pretty coloured birds tweeting away. It has the best baby changing facilities in the world and a glorious sweet shop with every hue of treat that is perfect for picking up gifts to take home.

Also visit St Nicholas Cathedral/Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque (Cathedral with its spire lopped off and contents replaced with endless, patterned Arabic carpet). Parking and the sites are free.


Salamis - Cyprus

Just North of there is Salamis, the greatest of Cyprus’s ancient cities. Honestly, we’re not much for Roman ruins. But Salamis is amazing. Picturesquely situated by the sea, Roman columns seem to arise haphazardly from a ‘desert’.

From the 3rd century BC mural, to the headless Roman statues to the 44 person latrines… something for everyone. In the best tradition of sites not run by the National Trust there are no signs telling you want to do and no to do and the kids can climb over everything.

There is a restaurant next to the site overlooking the sea – although you can picnic anywhere within the site. It is 5 Euros to get in and you can park inside.

What do you love to do in Cyprus?

Please share with us your favourite family friendly place to visit in Cyprus here in the comments.  Looking for a villa to stay in? Check out our Cyprus villas deals page.

Cyprus family villa deals Spring 2016

Cyprus Villa Deals 2016

Up to 20% off family ready villas in March & April.

Exclusive for our family and friends.

Happy Days. We’ve convinced the owners of some of our favourite Cyprus villas to drop their prices in March & April.

No complicated deals, it’s just a simple discount while availability lasts.


Chris & Christine

PS. Don’t forget all of our family friendly villas come with toys, films, buggies, and toddler fencing to keep the kids entertained and safe during your holiday.

Villa Elizabeth (5 bed) 20% off March & April Holidays

Prices start at £956 a week (Click here)

Family Villa Elizabeth - Kapparis Cyprus


Villa Mary (4 bed) 20% off March and April holidays

Prices start at £796 a week (Click here)

Villa Mary - Protaras Cyprus

Villa Sophia (3 bed) 20% off March and April holidays

Prices start at £700 a week (Click here)

Family Villa Sophia - Kapparis Cyprus


Villa Lydia (3 bed) 20% off March and April holidays

Prices start at £700 a week (Click here)

Family Villa Lydia - Kapparis Cyprus


Villa Natalia (3 bed) 10% off March and April holidays

Prices start at £652 a week (Click here)

villa Natalia 1280


Villa Dorothy (2 bed) 10% off March and April holidays

Prices start at £445 a week (Click here)

Family Villa Dorothy - Kapparis Cyprus

Family Travel Tips – keeping the children entertained

How to entertain your kids while traveling.

Editors Note: Are you a traveling expert who would like to share your experience with the villas4kids family? Click here for more information. 

iPads are absolutely great when travelling… But you can’t just depend on them and we know the agony of watching the battery decline. This is particularly on our mind today as we head towards a mega drive with all three girls across France on Saturday. 

Not to worry, here are some great ideas from fellow traveling parents on how they keep their kids entertained while traveling.  I’m about to pop out for the suggested supplies!

The power of scrapbooks

Tamara Gruber  –
We 3 Travel - Family Travel Expert

I like to bring along things are are light and easy to toss out once they are used up including: sticker books, coloring books, Bendaroos, card games and small puzzles.

One thing we always have along are travel journals. Not only are journals a great way to record favorite memories, they are the perfect thing to kill some time while waiting around.

My daughter uses her journal to write about her day, draw pictures, and keep count of something (dogs in Spain, cats in Italy, horses in Iceland, etc.) If you have a hard time pulling them away from electronics, consider this old-fashioned idea that I got from my brother: create a travel book with worksheets, maps, and activity pages that pull in information about the destination. Then tell your children that for each page they complete, they earn money towards souvenirs or spending money.

Pack portable games

Sarah Ebner – Family Travel Times & @SarahJEbner

Family Travel Times - Family Travel ExpertWe read books (both fiction and puzzle books), we play games (we love easily portable card games) and we usually buy a new magazine or comic at the airport. We also talk to each other!


Travel Bingo


Listen to an audio book

Erin Bender  – Travel With Bender & @TravelWithBender

Travel With Bender - Family Travel ExpertWe try and keep travel days to a minimum to avoid needing the use of entertainment.

But for road trips we recently discovered audio books. Silence in the car means perfect for mum and dad, while entertaining for the kids.

We also have been teaching the kids card games, they have sticker books or just a good old fashion sing along.

Sticker book magic

Karen Beddow  – MiniTravellers & @MiniTravellers

Mini Travellers- Family Travel ExpertWe take colouring books and pens, mini pots of playdough and new books to read. I also always take a new sticker book each, hours of fun.


Sticker Book


Leave them to it

Christine Armstrong  – Villas4Kids & @Villas4Kids

Villas 4 Kids - Family Travel Expert

We have three kids so it’s remarkable how well they entertain each other if you give them the space. Like in a queue at the airport they are great at making new friends and I love to watch them making eyes at other kids and figuring out a way to connect and have fun together.



Take the back seat

Colleen Lanin  – Travel Mamas & @TravelMamas

Travel Mamas

If traveling with more than one adult who can drive, I suggest getting in the backseat with the kids for at least a portion of the trip to play games, create crafts and keep sibling disputes to a minimum.



How do you keep your kids entertained?

We love to hear from you on your tips to keeping kids entertained in the comments. Look forward to hearing from you.

Book Easter in the sun before the prices go up on Boxing Day!

Image 6
The Travel Industry Has A Secret

The travel industry know everyone finishes up the Christmas rush and then focuses on holiday booking.  So instead of dropping prices like the shops do in January,  come Boxing Day – boom – airline prices rocket. So, crazily, the moment that you’re knee deep in shopping lists and stocking fillers, is the best value moment to book your Easter break.

Deciding Where To Travel For Easter

Villas4kids - Lydia evening pool

The question is where to escape the gloom and find the sun. There are lots of options: the Middle East. Morocco. The Caribbean.

Closer and easy to manage is Cyprus. An average temperature in the 20 degrees. You can swim in the sea, see spring birds flutter and they even celebrate Easter with giant painted rabbits on the roundabouts. OK the rabbits are bit loony but the kids love them.

The Secret To Finding Cheap Easter Flights

The nice thing about Cyprus is that it is only a four hour flight from the UK and our team can meet you at the door of the airport and whisk you to your house in 40 minutes tops.

There are lots of carriers to choose from but beware the cheapest options are before Christmas.

Bag your booking now and look forward to an early blast of summer.

So all together now, with Olaf:

“I’ll finally see a summer breeze, blow away a winter storm…..

…Dah dah, da doo, uh bah bah bah bah bah boo…. ”

Why Book With Your Easter Holiday With villas4kids

When you arrive in Cyprus, you’ll be greeted by loads of cool toys, snacks and drinks and a brilliant easy guide to everything local.

Our Welcomer in Chief (and former nanny) Rosie will be on hand to help with anything you need.

Book Your Flights & Villas Now

Unlike the airlines, we at villas4kids do not raise our  prices in January. But January is when most people make their Easter holiday bookings.

So if you want the best selection of child friendly villas, and a cheap flight to get their. Book now!

Then enjoy your Christmas holiday knowing you are all set for your Easter holidays.


How to fly with kids? Family Travel Tips From Villas4Kids

How To Fly With Kids - Experts Advice

Editors Note: Are you a traveling expert who would like to share your experience with the Villas4kids family? Click here for more information. 

The holidays are just around the corner and a lot of us are going to be embarking on the journey of packing up our families and flying to our loved ones. 

We talked to some of our favourite experts on their tips for flying with kids:

Tip: Be Prepared

Colleen Lanin  – Travel Mamas & @TravelMamas

Travel Mamas

I can’t narrow it down to just one! Come prepared with lots of snacks, toys, crafts and other diversions. Plan to spend the entire flight focuses entirely on your children. And if all else fails, silently repeat his mantra, “This too shall pass!”

Tip: Seat For Success

Sarah Ebner – Family Travel Times & @SarahJEbner

Family Travel Times - Family Travel ExpertTry to book your seats in advance to make sure you are all seated together and have lots of things for the kids to do with you.





Tip: Make Friends First

Erin Bender  – Travel With Bender & @TravelWithBender

Travel With Bender - Family Travel ExpertLuckily our kids love flying.

Pack some snacks, make friends with the flight staff, and give your kids the window seat and always make sure the iPad is charged. 

Tip: Hungry Kids = Unhappy Passangers

Karen Beddow  – MiniTravellers & @MiniTravellers

Mini Travellers- Family Travel Expert
My number one tip is to take loads of snacks and a large picnic. Kids in my experience are most unhappy when they are hungry, and airports and planes don’t always serve food they will eat. Airports don’t seem to sell plain ham sandwiches for example!

Tip: Arrive Early For Airport Games

Christine Armstrong  – Villas4Kids & @Villas4Kids

Villas 4 Kids - Family Travel ExpertI know it can be stressful but try not to get all self-important. Give yourself time before your flight.

Some of our favourite games to play at the airport:

  • Plane spot
  • Cloud spot
  • Meet and play with other families
  • Colouring

Tip: Pack Backup


We 3 Travel - Family Travel Expert


Be prepared! Always pack and extra set of clothes for the children and at least an extra shirt for yourself. I pack more snacks then we should need because you never know when you will be delayed or the airline will run out of meals. I also like to pack an activity bag with plenty of things to do. Last tip, pack/wear socks and dress in layers as planes can be so chilly.

What Are Your Flying Tips For Kids?

Do you have a great tip for flying with your kids? Please share with us in the comments! Look forward to hearing from you.

Family Travel Experts Share How To Pack

Kid Family packing tips

“Are we there yet?” Ah, the joys of traveling with children.

While we can’t promise your children won’t utter those immortal words during your travels.

We can promise that these great tips and tricks from some of our family travel experts to get your holiday off to a flying start!

Packing Tip: Print Out A Packing Checklist

Colleen Lanin  – Travel Mamas & @TravelMamas

Travel Mamas

My best tip, is to print out a packing list!

It’s so easy to forget something important, like medication, tooth brushes or your child’s favorite stuffed toy.

I print one before every single trip I take. Here are my packing lists, which cover everything from traveling with a baby to business trips.



Packing Tip: Bring Packing Cubes

Tamara Gruber  –

We 3 Travel - Family Travel Expert We tend to move around from city to city when we are traveling and find that packing cubes come in very handy for packing and unpacking.

It also keeps everyone’s clothes organized and keeps the clean from the dirty.

Travel Packing Cubes

Buy At Amazon


Packing Tip: Skimp On Your Wardrobe First

Sarah Ebner – Family Travel Times & @SarahJEbner

Family Travel Times - Family Travel Expert

Don’t take too much, but if you have to skimp on something, make it adult clothes.

It’s better if we wear the same things over and over again!





Packing Tip: Make A List & Check It Twice

Christine Armstrong  – Villas4Kids & @Villas4Kids

Villas 4 Kids - Family Travel Expert

Make a list of anything you’d really struggle to get where you are going and just make sure you tick that off. Including the stuff that you need to be happy. For example I love magazines and can’t count how often I’ve ended up somewhere that I can’t buy them with a bit of time on my hands.

And don’t hold back on the sweets. Even if the kids don’t need them, you might.


Packing Tip: Double Down On The Essentials

Karen Beddow  – MiniTravellers & @MiniTravellers

Mini Travellers- Family Travel Expert My best packing tip is to literally count out the outfits you will need. Work out what clothes you will need a double it!

Also research to make sure you know where you can wash clothes when you’re away.




Packing Tip: Decide Between Check-In & Carry-On Luggage

Erin Bender  – Travel With Bender & @TravelWithBender

Travel With Bender - Family Travel Expert

Travel with Bender travels with 1 large check-in bag, 3 carry-ons, and 1 backpack.

Below is a pro / con list between check-in & carry-on luggage. See their full list here.


Check-In Luggage

Carry-On Luggage





Don’t have to worry about during flight or while carrying tired children off cramped airplane confines.  Has a weight limit. Don’t need to check in, so can easily use online check in services. Smaller space means more bags. What could fit into one large bag, now needs 2 smaller bags. Less free hands.
Can be checked through to next destination during transit. Sometimes can not be checked through, so have to wait for it during transit and re-check. Do not have to wait after flight lands for luggage, can just leave airport. Hard to carry sleeping children as well as bags when exiting flight.
Can carry more things in one bag. Have to wait at carousel after flight, which sometimes can be a long wait. Everything you own is with you at all times, no losing bags. Sometimes overhead compartment space becomes a death match with your seated neighbour.
Can take things you wouldn’t be able to on the plane, like larger liquid bottles including shampoo, wine, etc. Can be lost, damaged, thrown around. Most airlines do not charge for carry on luggage so spared expense. Can’t take certain things in your carry on, like a larger toothpaste, shampoos or a bottle of wine.
Can cost more. Discount airlines have no free luggage allowance and so you pay per bag and weight. Many airlines do not weigh carry on so you can carry the heavy stuff in them.
Overweight bags can occur a very high fee.
Bigger bags are harder to get in taxis or carry around on trains and buses.
Check-in can become a longer process when checking in bags.


What Are Your Packing Travel Tips?

Do you have packing tips that we missed? Please let us know in the comments!


Editors Note: Are you a traveling expert who would like to share your experience with the Villas4kids family? Click here for more information. 

Villa wins away! Journalist review in the Sun newspaper

We are absolutely delighted with the glowing review in the travel section of the Sun on Sunday newspaper on 2nd August (see below)

Villa wins away! was the headline

Spotting three babies together on a plane would put most people off flying – and have them waving goodbye to any sleep.

But the three tots – with two pending – were part of our holiday party and we were about to embark on a five-hour flight to Cyprus.

Accepting that glam beach bars and party breaks were a thing of the past for us, our three sets of thirty somethings chose a holiday catering solely for families with kids.

We decided that a beach resort in Kapparis on the east coast of Cyprus would be the ideal place.

On arrival in Larnaca airport our convoy hopped in two cars all arranged by the holiday company villas4kids complete with car seats and English-speaking drivers.

Once at our destination an abundance of goodies greeted us – local wine, pasta, cereals, milk, tea bag – creating an instant home-from-home feels.

The beds were crisp and freshly made and in the brightly-coloured cots the little ones were soon blissfully snoozing away as we enjoyed our first balmy evening.

Little touches such as the signature villas4kids ducks dotted around and the baby monitors also provided a great touch.

I instantly relaxed and did a silent “whoop!”. They had EVERYTHING covered and we needn’t have packed one suitcase full of toys. Located in a quiet cup-du-sac with five other villas in the popular Blue Water Bay our new home “Lydia” was a three minute walk from a safe and sandy beach with lots of water-sport options.

A big plus in the property was stair gates, cordoning off the kitchen and tiled stairs. Everyone knows babies love an assault course challenge.

There was a fenced-off area outside complete with playhouse linked to the patio doors so the children could hop in and out easily plus oodles of toys and DVDs that kept them all amused and in the shade.

The crystal-clear pool was wincingly refreshing and serviced twice in the eight days we spent there and was great to cool off after an hour in the scorching sunshine.

A large Cypriot style BBQ with sink and preparation areas kept the dads busy and a Balinese outdoor shaded area with seats and a table was perfect for overheating (pregnant) mums.

The local supermarket was a cab ride away and cost 10 Euros/£7 return.

Shopping there was a joy as all the fruit and veg were so juicy and plump and the delicatessen counter offered everything from olives and tzatziki to BBQ wings and peppery T-bone steaks perfect for popping on the BBQ.

On our first shop we blew around £50 but that covered breakfast, lunch and dinners, booze and treats and made the overall cost of the holiday very cheap.

If you don’t fancy cooking each day within a five minute walk there is a mile-long strip full of restaurants and bars.

These are all very family friendly with adjoining outdoor soft play areas. There were bouncy castles galore, ball pits and trampoline, I’m not sure who enjoyed in most.

Tony’s bar was our favourite for hanging out and enjoying a drink, a stone’s throw form the villa. We enjoyed halloumi drenched in honey and pina coladas while the kids played happily.

Our favourite seaside spot was Fireman’s beach a 15-min walk away. Slightly hilly with a ramp down, perfect for prams it has soft vanilla-hued sand, plenty of shade and a beautiful azure sea.

Our super holiday was stress-free thanks to the accommodation owners who go above and beyond.

Our first family holiday was a resounding success for all. And I even managed to get a tan.

Lauren Naylor (The Sun newspaper travel section, 2nd August 2015)

Villa Lydia below:

Villas4kids - Lydia evening pool