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10 great reasons to travel with kids!
30th May 2019

Traveling with children, especially with younger ones, can be a bit (or extremely!) daunting. Even if you get through the journey with a minimum number of “are we nearly there yet”s, you never really know how they will get on once you reach your destination (will they cry or shout or poo or throw up – or all four! – at inconvenient times??).

Quite possibly! But it is still worth the effort….

We at Villas4kids do all we can to make sure that your holiday is as easy as possible from arranging transfers to providing age-appropriate equipment and toys. We can’t totally guarantee the cry/poo/shout ratio to smiles/fun/laughter but however the kids get on, whether it is your first trip or one of many, it is still worth it every time. Whether you are travelling to one of our villas, camping for a long weekend or trying a hotel city break, travelling with kids is always worthwhile (even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it 100%, or even 50%, of the time!)

Here are our top 10 reasons why:

1. Traveling introduces new things – food, different places to stay, different cultures. They may not like all of them (calamari was a winner on our last trip but olives still get the thumbs down) and their first thoughts when asked “How was your holiday?” may not be what you expect (the stray cat “Mittens” they adopted while away, rather than the sunshine and the pool!) but they will take something from every trip to add to their memories.

2. It gives the whole family a chance to change focus – whether you go abroad or stay in your own country, there will be a different emphasis on daily activities which can make a difference to how parents and children interact with each other. Being somewhere new gives kids and parents a chance to experience a different way of life if only for a short time.

3. Gives opportunities for learning – some History, Geography, and maybe some Architecture – this may sound very grand but you don’t have to turn your time off into a school field trip, there will be opportunities that come up naturally along the way to find out a bit more about where you are staying and which buildings / rocks / monuments are around.

4. Can bring kids closer to nature – if you live in a city and holiday somewhere rural or beachy, this is probably a given. But if you are countryside-dwellers that opt for a city break there will still be nice surprises in most cities with parks and green space to explore. And just the general slower-pace of holiday-days will give more time for looking at those little beasties they always manage to find!

5. Teaches kids (and their adults!) to be more flexible and resilient – you may firmly believe your little one cannot sleep without full black-out blinds or while sharing a room with a sibling but the adjustments that sometimes need to be made while on holiday can make for a more flexible attitude (NB we are totally not guaranteeing this one! Your little darling may well disagree with this theory, but you never know maybe next time you are away it will be different….). Developing resilience is something schools focus a lot on now; it is described as not just your ability to bounce back, but also your capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, and is essential for everyone’s mental health.

6. Encourages expression – some parents may well believe there is absolutely no more need for any more expression from their child as he/she/they does/do so far too often and at full volume….but travel is great for getting them talking about what excites them and you can add some new words to their vocab in the process.

7. Makes kids more sociable – again some children may be very happy chatting to lots of different people but a trip away will give them more opportunities to chat with those from different backgrounds, walks of life and age-groups.

8. Teaches patience – the queue at airport security may not be everyone’s favourite bit of the holiday but it is one of those things that has to be endured. A game of who has the nicest smile anyone?! Sitting in a seat for longer than usually required can be ridiculously hard work for a parent of a newly walking toddler but once they are past this stage, there are more opportunities for finding ways of passing the time.

9. Means a break from the digital world – ok we may have lost some of you here! But some of us may even have been known to put down our mobiles while on holiday 😉 and it gives the kids to get out of the habit of their screen times they usually have at home. On our recent trip to Cyprus, the kids did have their tablets for the plane journey but once we were there there was no asking for them or any TV for the whole week. Playing with Mittens the stray cat was more important….

10. Best family bonding experience and chance to build memories – Traveling provides one of the best ways to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Kids get to have more time with their parents and parents can give all (ok most of!) their attention to their kids. Plus it gives you an opportunity to create strong memories you can cherish and reminisce about for the rest of your life… “Remember that holiday when Granny dropped her book in the pool and the stray cat got stuck in the boot of our car??”

As far as we are concerned, travelling is definitely the best quality time you can spend with your family :-).