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Best Pool Toys For Kids
3rd June 2016

Whether you are on family holiday, or just enjoying some time at the local pool, having a few pool toys for your kids can make all the difference. Here are some of our favourites.

Our babies LOVED this thing. They potter around the pool feeling very grown up and independent and, while I wouldn’t take my eyes off them for one second, they seem very secure. Get one if you have a baby and want to get them used to pool time.


Splash-n-Catch Fishing Net

Pre the diving phase this is a great toy to build a bit of confidence and co-ordination. Obviously you’ll be required to help (a lot!) but they will be very happy playing.

Kids Dive Rings 

We never hit a pool without these seals now our oldest two can swim and dive. They compete wildly and spend hours entertaining themselves. Peace for parents = big win.

Swimways Toypedo Bandits

These are similar to above but whiz through the water and entertain the parents too.

SwimWays SubSkate Underwater Aquatic Skateboard

Getting fancy now but my nephews are mad for these. Also if you have a water proof camera or a camera bag you can take some really fun pictures under the water.

What Are Your Favourite Pool Games & Toys?

When we travel to the villas in Cyprus we spend a lot of time at the pool so we are always looking for new games and toys . Let us have your suggestions. We know you’ll say you just can’t beat an inflatable whale/giraffe/shark/turtle!