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Camel Rides at Mazotos plus Salt Lake and Mosque
9th April 2018

So this place is about an hour’s drive from the villa but its fifteen minutes – literally – from Larnaca airport. Anyone with a day at the end of their trip could do far worse than potter over there for a lovely day before heading the plane, It’s very reasonable – entry is 3 Euros for kids, 4 Euros for adults (7 and 10 respectively if you include camel rides, which you must!).

Inside is a very well-kept, mini amusement park with excellent playgrounds, a nice pool and baby pool, good family changing rooms and a surprisingly solid restaurant. Plus loads of animals – from kangaroos to peacocks via mini-mountain goats and the cutest bearded rabbits in the world to the afore mentioned camels. You can wander about and enjoy it all and buy little packets of food for the animals which the kids enjoy.

The camel riding is a bit of a scream. The kids LOVED it. Basically you go two people per camel – kids under six must go with an adult – and once you’ve jolted up you get a ten minutes walk through the fields. It’s pretty sedate but the view and concept is more fun than I’d expected. They take some pictures which you can buy but you’re probably just as well off with your own phone. Camels were the main transport in Cyprus at one point so you can even tick off the homework book to write something ’cultural’ about your holiday. Job done.

To get there, head to Lanarca airport and just before it – it is signed – turn off towards Kiti and follow the signs which are helpfully marked with camel pictures.

Open 9am-7pm May-Sept and 9am-5pm in winter T:2499 1243.

Salt Lake and Mosque

While in the are you might also be interested in Larnaca Salt Lake. You may get lucky and spot flamingos (no promises; the ones we saw were so far away they may have been seagulls). There is also the holy Hala Sultan Tekkies mosque where Mohamed’s aunt is buried. Our kids were not terribly excited by either but they feed the local wild cats outside the mosque at 5pm and we have never seen such a herd of cats running from every direction. Possibly the highlight of the whole week.