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Can you see Dolphins in Cyprus?
20th June 2019

Yes you can! Dolphins have been spotted off the coast of Protaras and Ayia Napa in the past few weeks! As an In-Cyprus article reports, holiday-makers have spotted and filmed these lovely creatures just off the coast from Ayia Napa and Protaras, very close to our villas.

The presence of five different marine mammals, one of them a whale species and four of them types of dolphins around Cyprus’ coasts was confirmed by a study which was concluded in May this year. Read more about the report here.

The five species include:

Sperm whales which are the largest of those found – mature males average a length of 16 metres. They can be found worldwide but this is the first time their presence near Cyprus has been officially recorded.

Striped dolphin named for its characteristic blue and white stripes on the flanks.

Risso’s dolphin named after Antoine Risso, who first described the mammal in detail. (Both the Striped and Risso’s dolphins usually stay in deeper waters far from the coast but the latest findings show that the Striped dolphin also gets close to the coast on occasions).

Bottlenose dolphin – the most common dolphin species in Cyprus is found both in coastal waters in small groups and in offshore waters in larger groups.

Rough-toothed dolphin named after (yes-you-guessed-it!) its distinctive teeth which have a rough surface!

There are lots of different boat trips you can take which take you a little way off the shore so it may make dolphin-spotting possible; including the Shirley Valentine and The Black Pearl Pirate Ship which leaves from Ayia Napa.

So while we can’t totally guarantee it, there is definitely a chance to see dolphins while in Cyprus 🙂