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Family Travel Experts Share How To Pack
15th June 2016

“Are we there yet?” Ah, the joys of traveling with children. While we can’t promise your children won’t utter those immortal words during your travels. We can promise that these great tips and tricks from some of our family travel experts to get your holiday off to a flying start!

Packing Tip: Print Out A Packing Checklist

Colleen Lanin  – Travel Mamas & @TravelMamas

Travel Mamas

My best tip, is to print out a packing list!
It’s so easy to forget something important, like medication, tooth brushes or your child’s favorite stuffed toy.

I print one before every single trip I take. Here are my packing lists, which cover everything from traveling with a baby to business trips.



Packing Tip: Bring Packing Cubes

Tamara Gruber  – We3Travel.com@TGruber

We 3 Travel - Family Travel Expert

We tend to move around from city to city when we are traveling and find that packing cubes come in very handy for packing and unpacking.

It also keeps everyone’s clothes organized and keeps the clean from the dirty.

Travel Packing Cubes
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Packing Tip: Skimp On Your Wardrobe First

Sarah Ebner – Family Travel Times & @SarahJEbner

Family Travel Times - Family Travel Expert

Don’t take too much, but if you have to skimp on something, make it adult clothes.

It’s better if we wear the same things over and over again!


Packing Tip: Make A List & Check It Twice

Christine Armstrong  – Villas4Kids & @Villas4Kids

Villas 4 Kids - Family Travel Expert

Make a list of anything you’d really struggle to get where you are going and just make sure you tick that off. Including the stuff that you need to be happy. For example I love magazines and can’t count how often I’ve ended up somewhere that I can’t buy them with a bit of time on my hands.

And don’t hold back on the sweets. Even if the kids don’t need them, you might.

Packing Tip: Double Down On The Essentials

Karen Beddow  – MiniTravellers & @MiniTravellers

Mini Travellers- Family Travel Expert

My best packing tip is to literally count out the outfits you will need. Work out what clothes you will need a double it!

Also research to make sure you know where you can wash clothes when you’re away.


Packing Tip: Decide Between Check-In & Carry-On Luggage

Erin Bender  – Travel With Bender & @TravelWithBender

Travel With Bender - Family Travel Expert

Travel with Bender travels with 1 large check-in bag, 3 carry-ons, and 1 backpack.

Below is a pro / con list between check-in & carry-on luggage. See their full list here.


Check-In Luggage

Carry-On Luggage





Don’t have to worry about during flight or while carrying tired children off cramped airplane confines.  Has a weight limit. Don’t need to check in, so can easily use online check in services. Smaller space means more bags. What could fit into one large bag, now needs 2 smaller bags. Less free hands.
Can be checked through to next destination during transit. Sometimes can not be checked through, so have to wait for it during transit and re-check. Do not have to wait after flight lands for luggage, can just leave airport. Hard to carry sleeping children as well as bags when exiting flight.
Can carry more things in one bag. Have to wait at carousel after flight, which sometimes can be a long wait. Everything you own is with you at all times, no losing bags. Sometimes overhead compartment space becomes a death match with your seated neighbour.
Can take things you wouldn’t be able to on the plane, like larger liquid bottles including shampoo, wine, etc. Can be lost, damaged, thrown around. Most airlines do not charge for carry on luggage so spared expense. Can’t take certain things in your carry on, like a larger toothpaste, shampoos or a bottle of wine.
Can cost more. Discount airlines have no free luggage allowance and so you pay per bag and weight. Many airlines do not weigh carry on so you can carry the heavy stuff in them.
Overweight bags can occur a very high fee.
Bigger bags are harder to get in taxis or carry around on trains and buses.
Check-in can become a longer process when checking in bags.


What Are Your Packing Travel Tips?

Do you have packing tips that we missed? Please let us know in the comments!


Editors Note: Are you a traveling expert who would like to share your experience with the Villas4kids family? Click here for more information.