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Family Travel Tips – food to travel with
15th June 2016

IPads are absolutely great when travelling… But you can’t just depend on them and we know the agony of watching the battery decline. This is particularly on our mind today as we head towards a mega drive with all three girls across France on Saturday. 

Not to worry, here are some great ideas from fellow travelling parents on how they keep their kids entertained while travelling.  I’m about to pop out for the suggested supplies!

The power of scrapbooks

Tamara Gruber  – We3Travel.com@TGruber

We 3 Travel - Family Travel Expert

I like to bring along things are are light and easy to toss out once they are used up including: sticker books, coloring books, Bendaroos, card games and small puzzles.
One thing we always have along are travel journals. Not only are journals a great way to record favorite memories, they are the perfect thing to kill some time while waiting around.

My daughter uses her journal to write about her day, draw pictures, and keep count of something (dogs in Spain, cats in Italy, horses in Iceland, etc.) If you have a hard time pulling them away from electronics, consider this old-fashioned idea that I got from my brother: create a travel book with worksheets, maps, and activity pages that pull in information about the destination. Then tell your children that for each page they complete, they earn money towards souvenirs or spending money.

Pack portable games

Sarah Ebner – Family Travel Times & @SarahJEbner

Family Travel Times - Family Travel Expert

We read books (both fiction and puzzle books), we play games (we love easily portable card games) and we usually buy a new magazine or comic at the airport. We also talk to each other!

Travel Bingo


Listen to an audio book

Erin Bender  – Travel With Bender & @TravelWithBender

Travel With Bender - Family Travel Expert

We try and keep travel days to a minimum to avoid needing the use of entertainment.

But for road trips we recently discovered audio books. Silence in the car means perfect for mum and dad, while entertaining for the kids.

We also have been teaching the kids card games, they have sticker books or just a good old fashion sing along.

Sticker book magic

Karen Beddow  – MiniTravellers & @MiniTravellers

Mini Travellers- Family Travel Expert

We take colouring books and pens, mini pots of playdough and new books to read. I also always take a new sticker book each, hours of fun.

Sticker Book

Leave them to it

Christine Armstrong  – Villas4Kids & @Villas4Kids

Villas 4 Kids - Family Travel Expert

We have three kids so it’s remarkable how well they entertain each other if you give them the space. Like in a queue at the airport they are great at making new friends and I love to watch them making eyes at other kids and figuring out a way to connect and have fun together.




Take the back seat

Colleen Lanin  – Travel Mamas & @TravelMamas

Travel Mamas

If traveling with more than one adult who can drive, I suggest getting in the backseat with the kids for at least a portion of the trip to play games, create crafts and keep sibling disputes to a minimum.





How do you keep your kids entertained?

Editors Note:Are you a travelling expert who would like to share your experience with the villas4kids family? Click here for more information.