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Holiday packing for the family – help is at hand!
21st March 2019

Once your holiday is booked, the next job is to get there with everything you need for a fantastic week (or two). Packing for a family is not a job to be undertaken lightly but here are some tips to make sure it doesn’t destroy your holiday mood…

We suspect that the majority of the holiday packing is done by Mum in most households, but with a good list (provided below) there is no reason why partners, or older children should not be able to take on the responsibility. So play to your strengths – if you are naturally not that organised or it is just one of those jobs that drives you crackers and your partner/eldest is organisation-inclined and not averse to taking it on, then delegate to him/her (NB whoever does not do the packing – does NOT get to complain when they arrive and realise their favourite shorts are missing…).


* Work from a list and lay everything out on the bed first before you start actually packing – much easier to see if one (small or large) person’s pile is significantly different from the rest.

* Roll instead of folding, totally convinced you get more in this way :-).

* Trust in your list and don’t start madly shoving in more things at the last minute ‘just in case’ – the reality is the kids will spend most of their time in swimmies and also there is a washing machine if needed…

* In Cyprus, there are large supermarkets well stocked with international brands, but being an island they can sometimes run out. If there is something you’ll need/want that would spoil your holiday if you cant find in the shops, then consider bringing it. Chris always takes a particular brand of fresh coffee. the kids bring one (small) cuddly toy, Christine brings lots of books and magazines and Granny packs sausages from her local butcher (not sure that’s totally legal so please keep that quiet ?).

* Think about whether it is best to take your own buggy. Although we can provide buggies you might want to consider bringing yours as it provides a means of transport for the kids, plus any duty free and other luggage on the way through the airport. You take it all the way to the doors of the plane where the crew take it and put in the hold. At the other end, you have the same advantage while getting out of the airport. Just pick it up from the oversized area (Cyprus arrival details say where this is). We find that if children are feeling unsettled at all on holiday, the comfort of their own buggy can help. There is usually no extra cost but double check with your chosen airline. (Also, please let us know if you have ordered a buggy and no longer need one, so that you aren’t tripping over an extra buggy in the villa).


* Leave packing to the last minute – it will not get any easier and you are much more likely to ‘panic pack’.

* Take more than one spare pair of shoes per person – there really is no need – trainers for the flight, sandals for when you get there.

* Worry about taking your smarts, everywhere around our villas is pretty casual dress-wise.

This is our Villas4kids-Packing-list – print it out and add your own essential items to the bottom of it as required – then take it with you to make sure you have everything on the way back (not that you should be thinking about that just yet!).