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How to choose a family friendly holiday
17th January 2019

In years BC (before children not the religious man with beard and sandals), when it was just yourself or yourself and a partner, holiday choices were exciting “where can we explore next” kind of decisions. But AC the choice does need to be family friendly for practical reasons, not to mention everyone’s sanity…

The lovely people at mumsnet have a few key pointers to help in https://www.mumsnet.com/travel/choosing-a-family-holiday
There are 3 key decisions; the honest answers to which should help you with what can be a daunting choice – most people will only have one main holiday a year and we want to get it right, for ourselves and the little people:

1. Go Abroad or stick to the UK needs you to consider weather, getting there and food/lingo/culture.

For many of us there just has to be some guaranteed sun, so abroad it is. But then this needs to be balanced with a flight time that will not reduce all to tears and realistic easy transfers at each end. The food/lingo/culture is lovely for the grown-ups and one of the main reasons for going abroad, but probably not high on the kids’ agendas “which is definitely something to remember should you ever find yourself justifying an expensive jaunt somewhere tropical with the words “It’ll be educational.”” Chances are they will just tell their teacher/friends/granny about the park and the ice cream!

2. Type of holiday  (Self Catering / Hotel / Holiday village / Camping / Skiing) is the next big decision.

Mumsnet advises Self-catering is a great option: “Lovely as it would be not to have to lift a saucepan while you’re away, self-catering cottages, villas and caravan parks are actually a pretty good pick for family holidays – especially if your kids aren’t old enough yet to synchronise their tummy rumbles with a hotel meal timetable.”
Hotels mean no washing up or cleaning but down sides are “your children may not like the food or the environment, and, given that small children generally don’t hold back with their opinions, you may not like the public humiliation of mid-meal breakdowns or mid-foyer tantrums.”. Holiday villages offered by Centerparcs and the like, have plenty to keep the kids occupied but a “communal atmosphere” which may or may not suit you.

3. ‘To Childcare or not to childcare’ that is the question…

We love Mumsnet red and blue corner analogy: the Red corner “Why bother having kids if you can’t look after them yourself, especially on holiday?” and then the Blue “the unapologetic “I spent two weeks in Kefalonia with my children last year. They were three and 13 months when we went. It was the most stressful fortnight I have ever had. I spent the whole time shouting at and running after them – hardly quality time spent together. (And I am at home with them a lot, so it wasn’t like we weren’t used to it.) My partner said he’d have given his right bollock for a kids’ club.” “.

We think Villas4kids gives you the best of a few worlds…

* Lovely destinations in Cyprus and Italy

* Easy flights from many UK airports (just see the Getting there tab for each villa for UK airport and flight providers) plus help with transfers at the other end

* Fantastic villas with privacy when you want it, but also in areas with other families should you wish to be sociable (or your kids wish to be!)

* Self-catering with grocery packs and cleaning services available plus lovely local restaurants and take-away services recommended

* Babysitting services can also be provided although you may just prefer to relax with a glass of wine by your private pool once the kids are in bed….

Please get in touch with any questions or help with your choice and read more about what we offer – it could be your best decision for 2019 🙂