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How to fly with kids? Family Travel Tips From Villas4Kids
15th June 2016

The holidays are just around the corner and a lot of us are going to be embarking on the journey of packing up our families and flying to our loved ones. We talked to some of our favourite experts on their tips for flying with kids:

Tip: Be Prepared

Colleen Lanin  – Travel Mamas & @TravelMamas

Travel Mamas

I can’t narrow it down to just one! Come prepared with lots of snacks, toys, crafts and other diversions. Plan to spend the entire flight focuses entirely on your children. And if all else fails, silently repeat his mantra, “This too shall pass!”

Tip: Seat For Success

Sarah Ebner – Family Travel Times & @SarahJEbner

Family Travel Times - Family Travel Expert

Try to book your seats in advance to make sure you are all seated together and have lots of things for the kids to do with you.





Tip: Make Friends First

Erin Bender  – Travel With Bender & @TravelWithBender

Travel With Bender - Family Travel Expert

Luckily our kids love flying.

Pack some snacks, make friends with the flight staff, and give your kids the window seat and always make sure the iPad is charged. 

Tip: Hungry Kids = Unhappy Passangers

Karen Beddow  – MiniTravellers & @MiniTravellers

Mini Travellers- Family Travel Expert

My number one tip is to take loads of snacks and a large picnic. Kids in my experience are most unhappy when they are hungry, and airports and planes don’t always serve food they will eat. Airports don’t seem to sell plain ham sandwiches for example!

Tip: Arrive Early For Airport Games

Christine Armstrong  – Villas4Kids & @Villas4Kids

Villas 4 Kids - Family Travel Expert

I know it can be stressful but try not to get all self-important. Give yourself time before your flight.
Some of our favourite games to play at the airport:
-Plane spot
-Cloud spot
-Meet and play with other families

Tip: Pack Backup

Tamara Gruber-We3Travel.com@TGruber

We 3 Travel - Family Travel Expert


Be prepared! Always pack and extra set of clothes for the children and at least an extra shirt for yourself. I pack more snacks then we should need because you never know when you will be delayed or the airline will run out of meals. I also like to pack an activity bag with plenty of things to do. Last tip, pack/wear socks and dress in layers as planes can be so chilly.

What Are Your Flying Tips For Kids?

Editors Note: Are you a travelling expert who would like to share your experience with the Villas4kids family? Click here for more information.