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It’s THAT time of year!
11th January 2019

So the lovely indoor sparkly tree has had to go, there is no longer an excuse to have a chocolate reindeer (or eight) before 10am and we’re all back to work and school….so what do we do to cheer ourselves up?

Oh yes, plan our next holiday of course!

Everyone will have their own idea of the perfect holiday…it may involve endless sandy beaches, delicious cocktails or perhaps mountains to climb or fabulous temples to visit. But for most parents with young children, it is simply somewhere the kids will be happy (and safe!) and it’s not too far to the nearest toilet as you know perfectly well it will only take 5 mins for the request to come from at least one of your brood, no matter how many times you have asked them to go before you leave the villa/hotel/glamping tent!

If you have not yet found yourself slumped on the sofa scrolling through delightful destinations and dreaming of sun, here are a few questions to get you thinking about where to go this year…

Where is your nearest airport?

The amount of time getting to and from an airport needs to be as short as possible – no matter how organised you are or how many treats and fun-long-journey-pinterest ideas you pack – it is never the most relaxing experience with kids so give yourself an easy start with a short trip to the airport, or if not possible, maybe a stay over with some friends who live near one. (You did remember to send that useful friend a Christmas card right? No? Maybe a Happy New Year email is in order :-))

Who will you go with?

Each family is different but quite often the more the merrier – within reason of course, if you end up with a group of 25 you may well never decide on which restaurant for dinner and when you do they won’t have space. So why not invite Granny and Grandpa (not just as babysitters, honest!) or arrange a trip with sisters / brothers / friends. Be sure to discuss the ‘rules’ for group trips beforehand to save any disagreements while away, eg we don’t have to eat every meal together and lets take it turns to get up with the kids.

Is it child friendly?

No matter how beautiful a place is, you will not have a relaxing holiday if you are constantly checking the kids have not fallen in the pool / drawn on the walls because there are no toys / wishing you had brought the blackout blinds as 5am starts are really not a stress-free-holiday-thing.

Then it’s down to some serious decision-making but once you have chosen this year’s winner and booked, you can relax back onto the sofa and have one more chocolate, before you start planning what to pack and deliberating over whether one pair of holiday shoes can actually be enough…..another post for another day!