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One pair of holiday shoes is enough
16th June 2016

I’ve packed half a dozen pairs in the past. Beaded sandals, flip-flops, heels, Grecian sandals, ballet pumps, trainers for runs I never take. But the last three seasons I’ve honed it down to one pair. I know, mad. But it makes me ridiculously happy. What is more, my ‘more dash than cash’ Vogue supplement even includes a picture of a pair, albeit of different design.

For years I resisted them: associating their ugliness with my mother’s 70s hippie phase. But then my friend Sukhi rocked a leopard print pair. And SamCam made poor Dave look too old for her again. And I thought I’d try.

My white Birkenstocks are my best investment ever. Comfy, all-terrain, day to evening. I know, loads of people hate them. And when I wore them to Ivy Club last summer, I thought my boss was going move to another table. But this year, the arrival of sliders means they are even fashionable. As well as inexpensive and hard wearing. The key is to live with their ugliness until you look at them one day and realise you find them deeply pleasing.

A pedicure is, naturally, absolutely essential.