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Seven things no one tells you about flying with small kids:
16th June 2016

1. No one meets you eye when you board the plane. At the end they either smile warmly and say how lovely your kids are. Or they really don’t meet your eye.

2. You simply cannot leave too much time because everything takes longer. And the second your stress rises, the kids go bananas.

3. The whole experience is heightened: security is more tricky (formula tastes filthy), the gates are further away and the childhood thrill at seeing planes close-up recaptures your heart.

4. It is impossible to pack enough stuff into carry on and still have space for a mag or two. Once you’ve done nappies, wipes, food, changes of clothes, books, toys and emergency sweets you have a sea container’s load to lug about.

5. Which doesn’t matter because until they are all at age when they can peacefully share a tablet, you don’t get one moment’s peace. You never imagined your fantasies would involve flying long-haul alone.

6. Delays and lost luggage are more than merely inconvenient – they pretty much push you over the edge of sanity. All the worse because you ditched that extra round of snacks for an unread Hello!

7. The sweetness of arrival can’t be beaten: your kids hurl themselves straight into the water shrieking in delight while you open a very cold drink and happily remember the pristine mag at the bottom of your bag.