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Top 9 things for families to do in Cyprus with kids
15th June 2016

You’ve been enjoying the beach and your Cyprus villa but you are looking for something else to do with the family.

Here is a list of our favourite family friendly places to visit in Cyprus with our kids.

Ayia Napa ‘Water World’ Waterpark.

Look…. It’s expensive and you are not supposed to take in your own food and drink. It’s plastic. It’s crowded in high summer. It’s tacky. And yet… yes… it’s absolutely brilliant.
Hours of fun for kids and adults: totally brilliant slides. There are height restrictions on the best rides so you won’t get value for money from really little ones, who may find it frustrating to miss out, although there are pools and games for them too. We reckon it’s about ideal for those aged ten and up. Also look out for discounts offered on their website waterworldwaterpark.com and also around town, like outside McDonald’s in Protaras or Paralimni.

For more information, give them a call on 00 357 23 724 444.

Anastasia Water Park

In Pernera, this is ideal for younger kids. Currently 15 Euros for adults and 7.50 for kids. You need to be 125 cm to go on the bigger rides but the small play park is ideal for toddlers. Get there early enough to bag a good sunbed.



In Paralimni, it would be better if they could resist playing high volume children’s music but useful if you want a break from the sun. It is both indoor and outdoor and there is also bowling and a café on the side. For the indoor soft play kids must wear socks. If you forget you can buy them there cheaply – 1 Euro a pair last time we went. Checkout their website at play4all .

Magic Dancing Waters

From May to October in Penera every night at 9pm there is a water-fountain/light and music show – more details on their website magicdancingwaters.com. Think Cypriot take on the fountains at the Belagio in Vegas, others have suggested a scene from the film Madagascar may be closer…

The Sea Caves in Cape Greco National Park

The Sea Caves in Cape Greko National Park - Cyprus

A must see the caves are beautiful and definitely worth a visit, especially at sunset when the light is amazing. The local army lads throw themselves off the cliff into the water. There isn’t an official path down to the water but we’ve had guests from seven to 70 do the scramble. The water in the bay is crystal clear and often glass-like so perfect for snorkelling or just looking at from the cliff top.

The Rock Bridge Cape Greco National Park

rock bridge Cape Greko National Park- Cyprus

No, you’re not allowed to stand on the sea bridge. My dad claims not to be able to read and since he was there they have added more barriers perhaps for his benefit.


The best Roman site in the South, it looks out from the hilltop position over the sea. The site is dominated by the spectacular amphitheatre and has extensive remains, mostly Roman including the famous gladiator mosaic. Afterwards you can go down the stony beach and have a drink in the friendly café. The visit Cyprus website has a lot more information.

Famagusta and Northern/Turkish Cyprus

Although many hire car companies suggest you don’t make the trip, lots of people do it without any problems. We love it up there and it makes a fascinating day out.

Your own insurance on either a private car or rented car is not valid in the north. The Turkish insurance is only third party and problems can ensue if you have an accident. The best advice we’ve been given on this subject is ‘don’t hit anything’… Mmmm If you’d prefer not to drive, ask about the Red Bus tour.


Famagusta - Cyprus

The walled city of Famagusta (which the Turks call Gazimagusa) is lovely to stroll through and a complete contrast to the south. Start at the Sea Gate which is worth climbing for the views of the ships in the port. Stop at the bottom of the steps to get your picture take on the giant stone lion.
Then try a Turkish coffee and pastry or ice cream at Petek confectioner (the lemon ice cream is amazing as is the baklava); the upstairs has a stunning veranda to watch the world go by. Downstairs kids will be transfixed by terrapins in a pool and pretty coloured birds tweeting away. It has the best baby changing facilities in the world and a glorious sweet shop with every hue of treat that is perfect for picking up gifts to take home.

Also visit St Nicholas Cathedral/Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque (Cathedral with its spire lopped off and contents replaced with endless, patterned Arabic carpet). Parking and the sites are free.


Salamis - Cyprus

Just North of there is Salamis, the greatest of Cyprus’s ancient cities. Honestly, we’re not much for Roman ruins. But Salamis is amazing. Picturesquely situated by the sea, Roman columns seem to arise haphazardly from a ‘desert’.

From the 3rd century BC mural, to the headless Roman statues to the 44 person latrines… something for everyone. In the best tradition of sites not run by the National Trust there are no signs telling you want to do and no to do and the kids can climb over everything.

There is a restaurant next to the site overlooking the sea – although you can picnic anywhere within the site. It is 5 Euros to get in and you can park inside.