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Ultimate packing list for the beach with kids
16th June 2016

Mumsnet has a great beach holiday packing list and who am I to quibble:

BUT. Ah. Yes, well, just a few thoughts you can ignore if you’re already too stressed out by the whole enterprise. Just saying you might consider….

Branded tea/coffee/cereal/whatever your family knows to be essential for daily happiness.
Nappies and suncream – better value at home.
Breast pads – if feeding – can be a shocker abroad (1970s bathroom sponges). Take your usual options (v easy to forget).
Black/sparkly/shiny clothes may look cheap in bright sunshine, go simpler, more natural & paler than usual.
Same with jewellery – a few pretty understated things.
Your heels will stay in your bag, beaded sandals more than enough.
Get a great hat. Love a panama but whatever suits.
Twice as many wipes as you imagine possible.
Mags are a treat (plus a few colour supplements you’ve not had a chance to read)
A quality beach throw-dress, kimono or kaftan will be a daily treasure.
If your kids need goggles, floats or swim toys, best to take em.
You never regret having tweezers, nail scissors and dental floss.
And, whatever else you compromise on, you do need a pedicure.

My mother-in-law also rather brilliantly packs sausages, smoked salmon and porridge oats…. Yep. Another post for another day.