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Worried about pools and little kids? A few thoughts…
15th June 2016

Summer is approaching, and hopefully you are preparing to go on a family holiday.
Our top priority at villas4kids is to make sure that your family (especially children) are safe during your stay.

 On top of the precautions we already take in our villas we wanted to give you some of our tips to keep your children safe around water.

1. Family Swimming Lessons

Kids who love swimming, love to do it with their parents. We have always loved
water babies  to get them started really young.

2. Baby and toddler safety courses

If you are worried then sign up for a first aid course. Chris did one and has changed a number of things since (including how he cuts up bananas for babies to reduce the rick of choking).

3. Fences

Choose either a place with a fence around the pool or part of the garden sealed off from the pool so you can have the kids outside. Also before you book make sure the patio doors to the pool area can only be unlocked by an adult. You do still need to keep an eye on them if you have a good set of climbers in your midst as there is always a risk they move a chair to the fence.

4. Remove Toys From Pool

This is a big one. All of ours like to try and fish out floating toys and its a huge risk for a fall – or jump – in when it is not swimming time. Don’t ever let them do this. After a swim we scoop up all the toys that might blow into the pool or could be tempting to throw in and stow them away until the next swim.

 5. Always Be Watching

Never leave children, however good they are at swimming to play around water without supervision and make sure they know not to go near the pool without permission. Also, make sure someone will be supervising if your child is with a friend. Be especially careful when lots of people are around – e.g. a poolside BBQ – as everyone half watching can mean no one is watching carefully.

6. Don’t Let Them Dive Head First

Pool are often much shallower than kids expect.

7. Swim Where They Have Lifeguards

This isn’t always an option, but many beaches have trained lifeguards which can give you extra security.

Helping your family to have a safe family holiday is our top priority.
So when you are browsing through the villas in Italy and Cyrpus check for the feature you want to ensure the best holiday for your family.